Social Impact in the Public, Third and Commercial Sectors :
Social Impact Scotland is a web resource dedicated to supporting you to better understand your social impact, for Third Sector OrganisationsFunders and Investors in the Third Sector, and Public Sector organisations. Developed and maintained by Forth Sector Development, the site is a legacy of the Scottish Government SROI Project, and retains comprehensive information on SROI, which can be accessed from this sitelink to Social Impact Scotland site .

Maximizing the social impact of any investment, grant, funding allocation or spend from the public purse is a priority for public service providers, social investors & funders and third sector organisations alike. Whether a policy maker, public sector service commissioner or procurement specialist, funder or investor in social change, understanding how you can achieve positive outcomes for the people and communities you support is an essential part of ensuring value for money. For third sector organisations, social enterprises and others involved in the delivery of projects and services supporting the most vulnerable in society, being able to understand and evidence your impact has never been more important.

Forth Sector has played a prominent role in the development of the discourse of social impact and social impact measurement in Scotland in the last 20 years, and is well positioned to support you in your role, whatever your sector, to understand, measure and improve your positive social impact for the people and communities you support.

FSD training courses

Measure and maximise your Social Impact
Social Impact Scotland runs seminar on introducing Social Impact measurement and outlining some of the key approaches and methodologies. The seminar answers the following questions:

  • What is Social Impact?
  • Why does understanding the impact of your organisation's activities matter?
  • What are some of the key methodologies and how do they work?
  • How do we identify our stakeholders and understand our outcomes?
  • How does this fit with reporting you are doing already?
  • Getting started

Time: half day.

Venue: Forth Sector, Duddingston Yards, Duddingston Park South Edinburgh. EH15 3NT.
Cost: Call for details. 0131 201 2450

Social Media
Forth Sector Development "introduction to Social Media", outlining some of the key approaches. The seminar will explore the following topics:

  • What is Social Media and how can I use it?
  • Building an online community on Facebook and Twitter
Time: half day
Venue: Forth Sector, Duddingston Yards, Duddingston Park South, Edinburgh, EH15 3NT.
Cost: Call for details 0131 201 2450

If you are interested in booking a place on either of the seminars or have any questions, please email:-

Forth Sector Development has experience working with funders, local authorities, national government and a host of organisations similar to yours. We are well placed to provide you with the help you need to get a new project off the ground or take an existing project to the next level.

We can add significant value as part of the Forth Sector Group which has 20 years experience of starting and operating social businesses.  We can facilitate access to that experience and expertise, whether it is to replicate a business – link to Cogito here. or gain valuable input from the senior management team.  Forth Sector’s model of sustainable social enterprise development and employability continues to attract interest from and collaboration with organizations from around the world.

“We worked closely with FSD who have been an invaluable source of support and information and have been positive and realistic as well as objective. The study visits were also really good in helping us to consider challenges and ask ourselves some difficult questions.” Julia Bracknall, Chief Executive, The Junction
Demonstrating the potential impact of any project to funders, potential public sector customers and the people the project aims to support is vital and can be challenging and complex. Forth Sector Development has experience of working with major funders including social investors. We have gained a valuable insight into what is required for community groups, social firms, social enterprises, charities and others to secure funding. We have assisted a number of organisations source and secure funding and we can do the same for you.
We can work with you, developing your idea so it meets the expectations of funders. Our team are able to help you develop your project outcomes, and we can offer guidance on community consultation. We can also help you build Full Cost Recovery into any application, and help you identify appropriate funding options.

Forth Sector Development can provide training on a range of areas including Business Planning, Procurement and Tendering, Introduction to SROI, Finance and Marketing -    (to be reviewed, leave as is in the meantime)   We've worked with a range of organisations to deliver tailored training for staff, board and service users on social enterprise and business development. If you have a particular training need, we can help.

Training sessions are bespoke, meaning that we tailor content to meet your exact needs. We can provide the training either at your choice of venue or at our own training facilities. We can access expertise from within Forth Sector Development or from Forth Sector Senior Management team.

“I think it was a great training day. FSD provided a fab trainer – he held our attention for the full time of the course and made the topic both informative and accessible. Thank you.” Wendy Bates, Health in Mind

“An enjoyable day –made practical and interesting. Good facilitation.” Margaret Barbier, City of Edinburgh Council (commenting on FSD-delivered training)

“The expertise, experience and enthusiasm of all [FSD] training facilitators was hugely apparent and subsequently led to a very interactive experience amongst the course participants. The group managed to extract lots of experience and examples from across the third sector and build a portfolio of knowledge on all stages of the tendering process. Admittedly, tendering has the opportunity to become a ‘dry’ subject. This was simply not the case during the Forth Sector sessions, the team kept it light yet informative and fun yet practical.” Jacqui Lees, Deaf Action

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